About Bansbach

Our History

April 1937 Juan Bansbach Küpfer came to Costa Rica to restore the pipe organ of the national cathedral of San José, Costa Rica. Since then, the company’s primary mission has been to share the happiness of living with music, envisioning a better society through music.

BANSBACH-AKUSTIK is a highly specialized business unit of Bansbach, focusing in providing high quality installed audio-video solutions.

Our Porpose

Our purpose and values are our enduring and guiding principles that help us decide about big and small aspects.

We believe people who are close to music lead happier and fuller lives. Life is meant to be lived in harmony. Musical harmony, social harmony and in harmony with nature.

Our Values

We conduct business with INTEGRITY

We always seek to demonstrate the highest standard of business ethics in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and each other.

We pursue QUALITY in everything we do

Quality is our way of life. It has always been part of the company’s DNA. We expect our products, people, practices and strategic partners to exemplify it.


Our attitude is to always challenge ourselves and each other to be better, provide better solutions to our customers and to find better ways to pursue our mission.

We put great effort into delivering PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE

We clearly understand that the real owner of Bansbach is the end customer. He decides if we live or die. We put all our effort into delivering the highest possible value and creating lasting experiences.

BANSBACH Corp. is a group of organizations that closely work together. Born in 1937 when Juan Bansbach Küpfer came to Costa Rica, with just a few dollars in his bank account, but an incredible amount of integrity, honesty and will to make the world a better place through music and all its benefits.

Since then, the company has grown and diversified. Bansbach today is made up of a retail chain of musical instrument stores located throughout of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Bansbach today is made up of a retail chain of 4 musical instrument stores located throughout of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.These stores are located in San José Downtown, Multiplaza Escazú Mall, City Mall Alajuela and Managua Nicaragua.

The organization also has a specialized department in whole selling to other local retailers and integration companies. These allows us to have direct access to manufactures and always offer the best after sales service and access to spare parts.

At the beginning of the 70´s the Bansbach Music Academy is born. Nowadays there are 4 locations and over 1.300 students enrolled in the program. We consider that actively participating in the educational segment, helps a corporation to keep perspective and purpose.

Bansbach is, and for many years has been the authorized technical service and repair center in Costa Rica and Nicaragua for many of the brands we carry, like for example: YAMAHA, SHURE, BOSE, ROLAND and many others.

For over 25 years, Bansbach has developed a highly specialized business unit called AKUSTIK. This department specializes in designing and integrating high end Audio, Video and Control solutions. With more than 300 satisfied customers throughout many different segments, Bansbach-Akustik has become one of the leaders in Costa Rica as a market reference in HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO & VIDEO INTEGRATION.