Building, Electro-Acoustic Modeling

Humboldt School

The German Humboldt School is one of the top private high schools in Costa Rica. It is a multicultural academic institution promoting free thinking and mutual respect for the human being in all of its diversity. With approximately 980 students from Kindergarden to High School. As an institution of German origin, it always sets very high-quality standards. In 2018 the board of directors of the institution set out to invest 10 million US$ to renovate the infrastructure of the middle school building, parking areas and to build state of the art auditorium with the latest technology for 440 people.

Bansbach-Akustik had previously worked with the German School for the integration of a smaller auditorium of 100 people, as well as the paging system for the institution. Due to the excellent previous results the board opted to work the design and integration of the new auditorium with Bansbach-Akustik, as well as the paging system of the new wing, parking and paging system.

«Audio and video of optimal quality in an auditorium are fundamental factors for artists as well as the audience. The big investment that the Humboldt School made in the new auditorium as well as the building for the primary school, needed to have a very high-quality audio and video system. This is why we approached Bansbach-AKUSTIK. We are really very happy with our decision and the end result. Parents, students, teachers, musicians and the audience all have expressed very positive opinions.«

Andreas Rauff, President – Board of Directors Humboldt School

Attributes Values
Location San José, Pavas, Costa Rica
Construction Date July 2017