Business Music Systems Your pears will respect you and your customers will worship you!

Retail, Bars & Restaurants

We know you are great at what you do. We also know, you can take your customers experience a step further with great sound. Your customers feel better, stay longer and enjoy more of your services if they feel comfortable. Retail, Sport Gym, Bars and Restaurants, are all venues that need to provide a great sounding environment to their customers. Our team is not only built up of great technicians, many of them are also incredible musicians.

That´s why they are so obsessed in making your systems sound great, reproduce music with presence and detail and delivers rich, powerful sound and music. Your business music system needs to blend in with your decor and announcements are clear and intelligible.

We will help you to put it all together, so you can continue focusing at what you do best, taking care and pampering your customers.

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For us at Bansbach-Akustik, the most important result in any project is, that OUR CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY. We understand that the investment you are planning to make is very important for you and your organization.