Hospitality Making guests feel at home is your job. Great AV systems is ours

Hotels and Resorts

Lifelike sound, high tech video, rich powerful music, versatile connectivity and ease of use are what should stand out in your hotel and resort. For your staff and for your guests.

If you take your AV system seriously, your customers will love you, and your pears will worship you.

Everybody at Bansbach-Akustik involved has a passion for what they do.

That is the reason why the end product will meet and exceed your expectations. From the piano in the lobby, the AV systems in the conference rooms, rich and powerful sound in the bar o restaurant, to the in-room audio and video experiences, we are here to help.

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For us at Bansbach-Akustik, the most important result in any project is, that OUR CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY. We understand that the investment you are planning to make is very important for you and your organization.