Performance Venues Music and speech need to be recreated to be hears the way it was intended to be heard

Theatres, Auditoriums & stadiums

This is probably the most challenging environment for AV Integration.

Great lifelike sound, automated big scale high definition video, leading edge digital mixing consoles, user friendly interfaces, high end integration are just a few of the challenges to overcome.

Highly specialized technicians are usually not enough to achieve evolving, spacious, rich full and deep sound. That is where our musical background comes into play. Musicians have a trained hearing and are very demanding when it comes to high quality audio.

Many of our team members at Bansbach are professional musicians and clearly understand this responsibility.

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For us at Bansbach-Akustik, the most important result in any project is, that OUR CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY. We understand that the investment you are planning to make is very important for you and your organization.