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Plaza de la Autonomía (Auditorium) UCR

Located in the heart of the Universidad de Costa Rica inside the Ciudad de la Investigación, the Plaza de la Autonomía is a beautiful arcitectonic complex. Made up of 4 main areas: Main Auditorium, Secondary Auditorium, Multipurpose Room and Press Room. The objective of these spaces is to promote academic and cultural activities of the highest standards, like for example: symposiums, conferences, graduations, concerts, amongst others.

The Main Auditorium seats 710 visitors. It was designed to incorporate a wide variety of academic to artistic activities. To design the AV and Control Systems, Bansbach-AKUSTIK worked side by side with the universities architects and engineers, to incorporate the latest technologies in audio, video, control & microphones. As a main PA System, a BOSE ShowMatch system was installed. With regards to video a tope or the line Christie projector was used as a main projector and two Epson projectors for the side screens. Three large format projection screens were installed, with the larger one being 9 meters long. In the control cabin, Crestron systems where used for control and video conferencing. To manage the PA system a Yamaha digital mixer was also provided. Bansbach even included a Bösendorfer Imperial 290 piano, first in Central América and the Caribbean.

The Main Auditorium is directly interconnected via fiber optic to the secondary auditorium, which seats 186 people. This venue also has a BOSE 402 sound system, with automated projection and control.

The Multipurpose room is designed for hosting pre and post-event activities. With a capacity of up to 450 people, it has its independent AV system which can reproduce in real time the performance in the Main Auditorium.

“As the AV technician in charge of Plaza de la Autonomía, which is composed of Aula Magna, Sala Multiusos and the Auditorium, I am very thankful with Bansbach-Aksutik for the excellent equipment they integrated. The sound and video are spectacular, and all the integration works perfectly. The controls are user friendly and easy to operate. It makes me very calm to know I have their support if I ever need it.”

David Delgado, AV Technician

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Location UCR, San Pedro, Costa Rica