Video & Audio-Conferencing Rooms Travel 1.000 miles with a ¨click¨ while leaving virtually no carbon footprint

In today’s highly dynamic world, where international flights and hotels are expensive and carbon pollution is a priority, your organization can save money and help save the environment at the same time. Interaction and communication between local and distant team members wanting to share ideas has become a priority.

No one wants a conference call where they need to configure technology o to repeat themselves during a conversation due to background noise or poor room acoustic. Connecting with multiple devices like: laptops, tablets and phones with versatile connectivity, ease of use, user friendly, intuitive technology and great intelligibility are key requirements in today’s fast-moving world.

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For us at Bansbach-Akustik, the most important result in any project is, that OUR CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY. We understand that the investment you are planning to make is very important for you and your organization.